Lon Landau

Charcoal Drawing
Gifted artist, who among others, created 12 folklore marionettes for the children of the camp. Deported and died after liberation while volunteering to help the sick in Bergen Belsen.


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    His voice seemed to crack as he explained how he had let his teammates and coaches down in the heartbreaking 27-21 loss to the Bears. There were no tears, but the six straight losses and 15 interceptions to open the season have clearly gotten to him. He seems to go out of his way not to let anybody see how the game affects him emotionally, but his failures this season have become a huge burden to carry around and he was hiding his feelings no more.
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    The reason for the differences in state cuts lies in when states started making the cuts to the federal benefit payments. Sequestration forced cuts to that EUC program, but the government left it up to the states to determine how and when to make those cuts.
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    But politics were the end of the Nowayir club in Hama, where Nour and his friend Ziwar, 23, once played. One of Syria's premier teams, it attracted thousands of fans before ceasing to exist in the early days of the revolution.Nasr Maksoud, director of the local field, says his teams always play to the sounds of gunfire. / Alia Haju for Syria Deeply
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    "This is so completely out of character, off the wall, unbelievable, that I can't grasp this. And I'm pretty sure he can't quite grasp what happened," Cynthia Dickerson said Friday in an interview. "It's a tragic mess."
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    Meanwhile Wednesday, Defense Minister Celso Amorim acknowledged that the country invests little in cyber-security, with just $22 million earmarked in the 2013 budget. Still, he insisted that no amount of money can create a totally secure system.
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    The value retailer on Tuesday announced a $2 billion sharerepurchase program. The company also said it had entered intoagreements to repurchase $1 billion of its common shares under avariable maturity accelerated share repurchase program.
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    Anthony all but acknowledged that the Lakers represent the Knicks’ main, perhaps only, competition for his services. There are reports out of Los Angeles that the purple and gold will politely pass on spending wads of cash on a player whose playoff resume doesn’t exactly conjure up images of Magic, Kareem and Shaq.
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    “If we want to curb the catastrophic economic and health implications of obesity across the world we need more companies to follow McDonald’s lead and to step up to the plate and make meaningful changes,” Bill Clinton said in a statement. “I applaud them for doing it.”
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    In addition to eight patients in New Hampshire, five in Massachusetts and two in Connecticut have received the news that they may have shared tainted equipment with a patient who died from apparent Creutzfeldt-Jakob Disease, an invariably fatal brain disorder, those states confirmed.
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    At least 99 people have died in violence since Mursi's removal by the army on July 3, more than half of them when troops fired on Islamist protesters outside a Cairo barracks on July 8. Seven people died earlier this week in clashes between opposing camps.
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    He said he based his depiction on police reports, witness statements and drawings, crime scene and investigative information, testimony in depositions, medical examiner reports and 911 emergency audio.
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    MMX is the mining unit of Brazilian tycoon Eike Batista'sEBX empire, which also includes oil exploration and shipbuilding assets, among others. EBX has been selling assets to pay offdebt. On Wednesday, it sold control of its LLX logistics companyto U.S.-based investment group EIG Global Energy Partners. (Reporting by Jeb Blount; Writing by Reese Ewing; Editing byGerald E. McCormick)
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    Asked about the role of his whistleblowing website in the Manning case, Mr Assange said: "We are pleased that throughout this case no evidence was produced from WikiLeaks against Bradley Manning.
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